Kauffman's Top 10 New Restaurants of 2010

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Lara Hata
Ippuku's yakitori: totally on the list.
Tuesday, SFoodie posted a list of the 2010 restaurant closures that hurt the most. Today brings the yang to the yin: a list of my 10 favorite new restaurants. (Hey, since everybody's doing it...) I've provided commentary enough about the state of the restaurant scene in print and on the blog, so I'll just leave you with a list of the restaurants that served my most memorable meals this year, followed by a few addenda and the necessary disclaimers.

1. Baker and Banker (restaurant and bakery)
2. Barbacco
3. Benu
4. Commonwealth
5. Hakka Restaurant
6. Ippuku
7. Mission Chinese Food
8. Sandbox Bakery (yeah, yeah, it opened December 2009, but did you make it there before January?)
9. Sons and Daughters
10. Una Pizza Napoletana

Addendum number 1. I have to add three honorable mentions to this list, simply because I think all of them have the potential to influence the next crop of chefs and restaurateurs: Local Mission/Knead Patisserie, HapaSF, and Comstock Saloon.

Addendum number 2: New restaurants that didn't qualify for this list because they opened too late for a 2010 review or I still haven't made it there (yeesh): Plum, Cotogna, Marlowe, The Attic, Beast & the Hare, Saison redux, Michael Mina, Heirloom Cafe, Wayfare Tavern, and a little Korean place I'm still mulling over.

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