Heart Rounds Up Eight Unorthodox Bottles for Hanukkah

Oy! Valli Unite Bianchino from Piemonte.
​During Hanukkah, stop by Heart wine bar and check out Jeff Segal's unorthodox (no pun intended), eight-selection beverage list comprised in honor of the eight crazy nights. Segal promises that these sips will hold up to the heartiest of beef briskets and the greasiest of potato latkes. Choices include the 2007 Trabanco Poma Aurea Cidra de Asturias (a sparkling cider), 2009 Valli Unite Bianchino from Piemonte, and for the true meshuge, Kasumi Tsuru Shiboritate Namazake Genshu sake. Amongst other Jewish-themed offerings, house eats provider Kitchenette will be serving what it calls a classic East Coast chopped liver alongside a not-so-classic egg salsa.

We're quite sure that elaborately named sake and chopped liver pairings weren't what Judah Maccabee had in mind back in 135 BCE but we consider it a sure sign that our people have truly come a long way from Jerusalem.

Heart: 1270 Valencia (at 24th St.), 285-1200.

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