The Cheesiest Food Songs of 2010

These eight songs aspired to be hot enough to melt our popsicle, but all they did was make us taste cheddar. Behold, our countdown of the cheesiest food-themed songs of 2010:

8. "Ms. Chocolate" by Lil Jon featuring R. Kelly and Mario

They're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, they want a piece, etc. ― we're astonished it took the collective libido of Lil Jon and R. Kelly so many years to use the most obvious of demoralizing metaphors for black women.

7. "Food" by Krunch

The twisted paranoid vocal sample on this psychedelic trance monster is probably taken from some geek sci-fi flick we don't know, but we have a feeling this song would make those on intoxicants feel like they, too, were about to become food for an unknown zombie creature.

6. "Cinnamon" by Stone Temple Pilots

Back to rehab it was for embattled lead singer Scott Weiland, just after releasing this sappy single.

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