Better Than a Ball Drop: New Year's Eve at Namu

Categories: Holiday Meals

"108 Bells" of New Year's Eve

Where: Namu, 439 Balboa (at Sixth Ave.), 386-8332

Cost: $40 for five courses

Why it's likely to be special: From Namu's description:

Japanese New Year involves eating specific foods to symbolize meaning such as joy, health & energy for the coming year. Other activities can include drinking sake to prevent family illness from evil spirits (a Namu favorite) and the ringing of a bell 108 times to flush away the previous year's 108 sins.
Sin flushing, plus it's one of the cheapest NYE dinners in S.F.

Menu highlights: Dashi-braised oxtail with daikon and garlic; Dungeness crab noodles; Tobiruoku pat bing su (shaved ice, sparkling sake, condensed milk, red bean, fruit, and green tea ice cream)

Reserve: Call 386-8332, or visit OpenTable

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