Amanda's to RIP, LA MILL Coming to SF?, BBQ to Triple Crown

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​The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco restaurant scene.

Well, this is counterintuitive: Inside Scoop reports that Amanda's Feel Good Fresh Food, the eco-lover's fast-food joint in downtown Berkeley, is closing, though owner Amanda West hopes to try her concept somewhere else. SFoodie thought that healthful, moderately priced fast food would be recession proof. What was the problem? Owner spent too much on the decor? Prices too high for Cal students? Didn't taste good? 

A bit of telephone here (er, the online equivalent): SFoodie says that Eater SF says that Eater LA says LA MILL ― a temple to coffee conoisseurship that is a little like Ma*velous, with four times the foofoolala and without Philip Ma's down-to-Earth charm ― may come to San Francisco. SFoodie is excited! SFoodie is wary! SFoodie doesn't know how to feel about this development, given our last trip to LA Mill cost us $60. (Granted, we were treating friends to cups of coffee and snacks.)

Eater SF doesn't stop with that little news nugget. Carolyn A. talks to the owners of Tonic and Bullitt about their plans for Triple Crown (1760 Market, at Octavia), which they've just taken over. The pitch: more gay, more barbecue, more dancing, faster drinks. SFoodie is puzzled by the owners' reported antipathy to the Bartenders' Guild. Using a jigger makes you pretentious?

Grub Street passes on word on the closing of the Gravity Room (3251 Scott), which is to become Gypsy Tea Room, owned by the owner of Tortilla Heights. The last gypsy tea room SFoodie patronized was Mad Magda's in Hayes Valley. We suspect the Marina version will have fewer tarot-reading transglamazons. 

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