Unilever Threatens Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous Over 'Fudgsicle' Name

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Alex Hochman
Dear Unilver: Does this look like a Fudgsicle?
​When Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous' Anabelle Topacio dropped by her ice cream shop on her day off last Monday, she had a big surprise waiting for her: a letter from the law firm Duane Morris regarding Fudgsicles. Seems Duane Morris and its client, multinational corporation Unilever, keep a sharp eye on Dogpatch ice cream shops (go figure ― we have friends in Noe Valley who claim they've never heard of the Dogpatch). From the law firm's letter:
It has recently come to our client's attention that you have been using the term "FUDGESICLE" to refer to your ice cream products. We understand that "FUDGESICLE" appears on the store menu in your MR. and MRS. Miscellaneous ice cream store. Unilever must request that you please replace all of the references to "fudgesicle" (or "fudgsicle") appearing on the menu in your store, as well as in any other materials, with proper generic terminology such as "fudge pop(s)" or fudge bar(s) and that you use proper generic terminology in the future.

Were Topacio and partner Ian Flores pissed off? Quite the opposite. "Our first reaction was, 'That's rad! They know about us!'" Topacio says. "It was just a bar hidden amongst other items on the menu in our rinkydink store." The couple penned a short, handwritten note to Duane Morris letting the firm know that Unilever can rest easy: Topacio and Flores' Valrhona chocolate and Straus dairy frozen treat has been renamed as ― what else? ― the Trademark Bar.

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