S.F.'s New Generation of Bar Stars: Kyle and Rachel Ford

Lou Bustamante
Rachel and Kyle Ford.
SFoodie's series focusing on San Francisco's up-and-coming stars behind the stick, the Muppet Babies of the shaker.

Who: Kyle and Rachel Ford

Where to find them:
Kyle at Rye and 15 Romolo, Rachel at Rickhouse

Background: Although a bartending couple isn't as rare as you'd think, what makes the Fords unique is that they were married right before they both jumped into the bar world, leaving behind corporate jobs in search of creative outlets. "I fell in love with bartending and cocktail culture because of the spontaneity in which every evening unfolds," says Kyle. "The ability to share moments with all those who pull up a barstool and pour them a meaningful drink is priceless."

Why they made the list: Their passion for the business, combined with an eagerness to grow. Rachel: "I hope that our current path affords us opportunities to travel, learn about our industry, and enjoy life." If all goes well, that path should lead the Fords to their very own bar in San Francisco. Someday.

Also on our list so far:
-Brandon Josie

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