Rounding Up San Francisco's Cult Restaurants

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Cult member enjoying a cafe au lait at Tartine.
Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

E-mag Poor Taste nails down what it tags the 100 greatest cult restaurants in America. Cult restaurants? That means places with rabidly devoted customers, a measure of tourist appeal, relatively cheap, unassailably tasty, and original enough to rate as near-quirky.

In San Francisco, Poor Taste's contributors finger Tartine Bakery (No. 2 on the list), Burma Superstar (No. 6), El Farolito (13), Rosamunde (29), Bi-Rite Creamery (34), Saigon Sandwich (38), Taqueria Cancun (42), Memphis Minnie's (46), Dottie's True-Blue Café (64), and Zeitgeist (66).

Not a bad list, though we might've thrown in Kitchenette , Swan Oyster Depot, and San Tung. Taqueria Vallarta is cultier (though not cooler), overall, than Cancun, plus the tacos are better. And while we can appreciate the need for a Mission burrito spot on the list, we'd have lobbied like a K Streeter for La Taq.

We do yield to the awesomeness of the Poor Taste staff for one thing, though, a sentence about Tartine Bakery: "We're also pretty sure that the merit of Tartine is the only thing the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the SF Weekly, and the San Francisco Chronicle have ever agreed on." Funny because it's true. Not that the Weekly can't do snark better than anyone else in this town.

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