No Food Trucks for Giants Victory Parade

Chairman Bao/Facebook
Sorry, baseball fans: This won't be happening Wednesday in Civic Center Plaza.
Wednesday's victory parade for the world-champion San Francisco Giants is sure to have plenty of pomp, emotion, and "Let Timmy Smoke" T-shirts, but there's one thing it won't have: food trucks.

At last night's Jumbotron broadcast of Game 5 in Civic Center, Off the Grid's Matt Cohen was able to round up a posse of food trucks: Chairman Bao, SeƱor Sisig, Sam's ChowderMobile, and Twirl & Dip. But tomorrow, for the crowds piling into Civic Center Plaza at lunchtime to watch the city's favorite collection of misfits and castoffs palm the key to the city? Officials have said no. Concerns about excessive crowds, we hear.

Really? Did no city official show up at this year's S.F. Street Food Festival?

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