S.F.'s New Generation of Bar Stars: Jayson Wilde

Jayson Wilde.
SFoodie's series focusing on San Francisco's up-and-coming stars behind the stick, the Muppet Babies of the shaker.

Who: Jayson Wilde

Where to find him: Bourbon & Branch, 501 Jones (at O'Farrell), 346-1735

Background: Wilde: "I worked behind a desk at an insurance company for 12 years. I had always enjoyed fine spirits and cocktails but had never really considered stepping behind the bar until I couldn't bear being stuck in a cubicle all day with my brain turning into mush. ... I got a barbacking position and the first night I stepped behind the bar, I knew I never wanted to leave it."

Why he made the list: Wilde's enthusiasm paired with his hunger for the history and craft of bartending craft have pegged him as a guy with serious momentum.

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Bourbon & Branch

501 Jones, San Francisco, CA

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