Farmers' Markets Explode Across the U.S. ― Well, Most of the U.S.

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Obama Foodorama stands in awe before the just-released plumped-up USDA National Farmers Market Directory, which includes an interactive map. Foodorama:

The improved state-by-state Directory makes it easier to find your local Farmers Market, which can be searched for by state, county, zip code and participation in federal nutrition assistance programs. Users can also personalize widgets and Apps, to make their own handy-dandy food access guide.
USDA tracks 6,132 farmers' markets in the U.S. ― a 16 percent increase over 2009 ― clustered on the map like an election-night schematic of blue-state voting patterns. But 6,132? Can the nation support that many? From's Riddi Shah back in June:
What if there's a little-known dark side to the farmers' market boom? What if the ruddy man in overalls actually came from hours away, where local residents don't have access to the vegetables grown near their own backyards because farmers prefer selling their produce to city dwellers at nearly triple the price?
Take another look at where those farmers' market pins are stuck and wonder if Shah might not be on to something.

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