Screw Turkey: Nine Alternatives to the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Brady H./Yelp
With R&G Lounge's crab, you won't miss the cranberry sauce.
A quick search of SFoodie's fellow blogs will find you lists of the bistros and American-style restaurants serving turkey and trimmings. But not everyone wants to shell out for the traditional Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant. SFoodie can think of a number of reasons why:

A. You hate Thanksgiving and all it stands for.
B. You just hate turkey.
C. You're orphaned this year and don't want to wallow in someone else's recreation of the holiday.
D. You're broke.

Or E., you've just forgotten about it, like the guy who answered the phone at the O'Farrell Naan 'n' Curry this morning. When we asked him whether the restaurant was open on Thursday, he responded, "Sure. What's Thursday?"

We told him, and he whooped. "Good thing I'm off!" he said, then quickly added, "But the restaurant's open."

In fact, SFoodie called all the non-Western restaurants in the critic's picks section of the SF Weekly restaurant guide to see who was open on Thanksgiving Day.

1. Bund Shanghai, 640 Jackson, 982-0618
Turkey substitute: Crab xiaolongbao and lion's head meatballs

2. Hakka Restaurant, 4401 Cabrillo, 876-6898
Turkey substitute: Salt-baked chicken and pumpkin coated in salted-egg batter

3. Kingdom of Dumpling, 1713 Taraval, 566-6143
Turkey substitute: Lamb dumplings 

4. Lers Ros, 730 Larkin, 931-6917
Turkey substitute: Fried rabbit

5. Naan 'n' Curry, multiple locations
Turkey substitute: Karahi chicken

6. Poc-Chuc, 2886 16th St., 558-1583
Turkey substitute: No substitute ― try relleno negro, or turkey braised in black mole

7. R&G Lounge 631 Kearny, 982-7877
Turkey substitute: That San Francisco classic, crab for Thanksgiving

8. Shanghai House 3641 Balboa, 831-9288
Turkey substitute: Salt-and-pepper pig knuckle

9. South Sea Seafood Village, 1420 Irving, 665-8210
Turkey substitute: Lobster noodles
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