Comparison of Michelin Stars and Health Inspections Fails to Rate

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Coi scored a 90 ― but what does it mean?
Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Mission Loc@l looks at the health inspection scores of S.F.'s Michelin-starred restaurants, trying to find ... what? It lists the city's 15 single-star establishments ― everything from Acquerello to Saison ― and the single double-starred eatery (Coi). You expect horror from an inquiry like this: That despite pristine cuisine and super-starchy waiters, the line cooks are sloshing through floor drain backwash in the kitchen, storing prime pastured meats in mold-encrusted walk-in coolers that'd have Gordon Ramsay popping neck veins from so much shouting at the chef. But that's not really what the graphic shows. Inspection scores range from 84 (La Folie) to 100 (Acquerello, Aziza, Fleur de Lys, the Ritz-Carlton). Only two-star Coi (score: 90) has inspection notes attached (three unspecified low-risk violations, and a medium-risk violation for having some food-contact surfaces that were improperly cleaned). But it's hard to use even that information. And the scores themselves are sort of meaningless without comparative information (how many total restaurants scored 80? 100?).

Mission Loc@l has done a good job in the past of reporting on inspections, and of even talking about the city's health code at all. But in this case, well ― we hereby slap it with a medium-risk violation.

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