S.F.'s New Generation of Bar Stars: Cocktail Lab

Cocktail Lab
Last stop on SFoodie's tour of San Francisco's up-and-coming stars behind the stick, the Muppet Babies of the shaker.

Who: Cocktail Lab

Lou Bustamante
Ethan Terry.
Where to find them: Various venues (check the Cocktail Lab website)

Background: The cocktail lab crew is Timothy Zohn, Brandon Josie, Michael Linsner, Danny Louie, and Ethan Terry. It's a roving pop-up bar of sorts. "We wanted to experiment with more detailed drinks we'd been reading about and concepting," says Ethan Terry. "The idea was that, once a month, we'd have free reign over the bar to run an original cocktail list with our experimentations, and invite all our friends."

Why they made the list: Cocktail Lab's theme events are usually pretty outrageous, from Bollywood http://www.cocktaillab.com/?p=93, '80s-'90s (Sex on the Beach, Long Islands, etc.), Barbary Coast gambling and burlesque, and, of course, drinking. It's the audacity to do things in a craft way without losing their sense of fun, and managing to pull it off.

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Lou Bustamante tweets at @thevillagedrunk. Follow SFoodie at @sfoodie.

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