Cafe Reverie Isn't Connected, Though You Might End Up That Way

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Shiny hair, mint tea, major hotness.
​Why would someone in this tech-savvy city go to a Wi-Fi-free café? Here are a few reasons: 1) so you can actually get some writing and reading done without Internet distractions; 2) so you can peacefully enjoy food and a warm beverage; and 3) so you can have a chance at sparking your very own Missed Connection.

Café Reverie's top three Yelp reviews reveal the highlights of the place: the back patio, the ahi salad, and Craig Newmark. Yes, that would be THE Craig of Craigslist. Apparently the Internet revolutionary is a regular at this charming, Internet-free café. In fact, Newmark is even Café Reverie's mayor on Foursquare.

For us singletons, the logic is simple: The closer we are, physically, to the godfather of the Missed Connection, the closer we are, potentially, to a missed connection all our own. Guess where we're headed with this?

You walk in and a super-hot guy working the coffee bar takes your order. Whatever you end up with is likely to be nice -- the ahi salad has been praised by many, our own Jonathan Kauffman recommends the green pozole. Really, nothing on the menu will disappoint.

A baked rigatoni with meat sauce special was our dish the other day, when we didn't spot Craig but we did get our cookie snapping with a gingersnap and cute boys all around reading actual paperback books. Also, the light shining in from the patio had us wishing our future babydaddy would write a Missed Connection that included something about our hair glistening in the sun as we sipped our mint tea.

We know that the Wi-Fi checkbox is a must for many of you café-goers. But forgo the Internet and you'll be surprised at how much more you enjoy the food, how much more work you get done, and how much more you notice the people around you. Even if they don't always notice you.

Café Reverie: 848 Cole (at Carl), 242-0200.

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