William Pilz: Hot Chef on Wheels

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Gil Riego Jr./SF Weekly
Audrey Fukuman
Behold, the first in SFoodie's exhaustively researched series devoted to the hottest local chefs. Hot as in, you know, hawt. Though, to be fair, many of the chefs we'll be presenting as shameless eye candy in the coming weeks and days show as well on the plate as they do on camera. Take William Pilz of Hapa SF. When we solicited your nominations for hotness a couple of weeks ago, two of you eyed Pilz, the talented Citizen Cake chef who went mobile this year, serving up his own contemporary take on Filipino cuisine from a converted taco truck (and as you'll see, operates out of kitchen space at La Victoria in the Mission). Here, for your Friday clickage, we present the kind of heat you won't find in your sisig taco.

As always, feel free to shout out your nominations for kitchen hotness in the comments.

Gil Riego Jr./SF Weekly

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Hapa SF

7000 Marina, Brisbane, CA

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