Top Chef: Just Desserts, Week 5 : These Boots Were Made for Eating

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Morgan of Just Desserts
​Last night we were all glued to our televisions to see the last of the miners be rescued. The night was celebratory and something sweet to top it off was needed — back to mindless dessert based TV. This was the first episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts without Seth and we had no idea what to expect.

The guest judge was Sherry Yard, who is the executive pastry chef for the Wolfgang Puck empire. The Quickfire Challenge was to make the notoriously delicate soufflé: hot air masterpieces that can collapse quicker than Seth in last weeks episode had to rise up.

Our adorable S.F. cutie pie, Yigit, tackled this challenge by attempting a chocolate soufflé with passion fruit and vanilla bean ice cream. He said that he makes this dish all the time for his boyfriend who loves soufflés. We seconded Gail's sentiment when she said, "If I had a boyfriend who made soufflés, I'd be asking [for them] a lot, too." Yigit let the ladies down easy, saying if he played for our team he would. We can dream....

The Elimination Challenge was raised far beyond the soufflés — it reached stiletto heights. The contestants drew heels (yes, really) and then had to design an edible outfit to go with the pumps they chose, in addition to two couture petit fours.

Our hetero crush, Morgan, proved to have a shoe fetish and, of course, Zac had an S&M Burlesque Warrior theme for his outfit. Zac bought plungers at the grocery store to use as molds for the chocolate bust of his dress.

The newly formed clique, Team Diva (comprised of Zac and Yigit) were in the top three but it was Morgan that won the challenge. He drew a pair of hot red heels and conjured up a dress for a fantasy woman he envisioned after weeks alone in competition. It was a sexy Little Black Dress of chocolate with a red line down the side. His petit fours were the cutest of all accessories: a grown-up ring pop of sorts featuring a spiced raspberry "ruby ring" bonbon and a red hot cinnamon macaron "earring."

Heather was the loser this week (again) and hopefully this time she'll be gone for good. After all, she made a vegetable dress with a pink peppercorn belt...Uh, that's not "just dessert."

Chocolate soufflés rising are obviously not as impressive as capsules carrying rescued miners to the Earth's surface, but last night's episode was entertaining and the show will persevere without crazy Seth. Next week, it appears that perfect Morgan (with Superman good looks and a winning streak) will falter by elbowing a fellow cheftestant in the lip. Regardless of breaking news, we will be watching.

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