California Nuts/Angry Shoppers: This Week in Food Bloggery

A photo from Lara Hata's Commonwealth slideshow.

A few of the highlights from the blog this week:

1. Summer Tomato's Darya Pino debuts on SFoodie with a revelation that California macadamias exist -- in fact, you can find them in Scream's macadamia-vanilla sorbet.

2. On the frozen-foods tip, Tamara Palmer reveals a) she has been obsessively eating ice cream sandwiches at places like Morimoto Napa, Namu, and Miette; b) she has been obsessively photographing them. Also note: Luis Chong stopped at the Twirl & Dip truck and lived to tell about it. In fact, he seems to have enjoyed the experience.

3. In the latest installment of "Best Practices," Michael Leaverton provides some ground rules for shopping at Rainbow Grocery. I don't think he would care if I called him a bitter, bitter man. We hear he's taking kickbacks from Safeway, which may be the only grocery store he's allowed to shop in for the next decade.

4. October and November are pears' great moment, the time when they taste especially floral and expressive. In his weekly "Market Report" segment, Sean Timberlake suggests you make pear jam with white wine and fennel or stick a bunch of fruit in brandy. To save it for the lean months, you know.

5. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on fantasy football. GOOD magazine has put the call out for fantasy food truck concepts. You have until Monday to come up with an idea, a signature dish, maybe even a logo. Then a bunch of potential Kickstartr funders readers will look over the candidates and pick their favorite.

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