Whisky, Pie, and Franken Berry: The Week in Food Bloggery

You think you can bake like this?
Highlights from the blog and beyond:

1. You have two days left in WhiskyWeek, another excuse to get drunk in the name of furthering your culinary education. Lou Bustamante offers a primer on whiskey/whisky (getting the spelling right is one of the basic skills) so you don't look the fool while tasting single-malts. Then he profiles the big tasting gala, which is tonight, and provides info on a free Laphroaig event tomorrow.

2. The peaches are almost gone, and the peppers and eggplant are beginning to fade away from the farmers' markets. The summer squash crop, by contrast, might be more appropriately titled the "endless summer" crop. Sean Timberlake offers a dozen links to recipes for preserving the bounty.

3. You'd never guess the competitive spirit lurking underneath the peasant blouses and fluffy beards of the DIY crowd, but it burns fiercely. Mission Pie has announced the date of its second annual pie contest, and SFoodie forsees a legion of soft-voiced bakers perfecting their crust-baking with dozens of practice pies. All failures are welcome at 185 Berry Street, Suite 3700, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

4. Sip o' the week: Rainbow Orchards' unfiltered, unpasteurized cider, perhaps the only one on sale in S.F. I thought a 1996 E. coli scare had signaled the death knell for unpasteurized apple juice, but it turns out that one Northern California orchard has found a way to get it to those of us who care what real cider tastes like.

5. SFoodie was raised on Franken Berry ads ― not that our mother would ever buy the cereal for us ― and confesses we had no idea that General Mills now only produced the monster cereals around Halloween. Thank you, Alex Hochman, for alerting us to that fact.

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