Abs Alert: The Situation's Gonna Be at The Jug Shop Saturday

Call it Halloween costume research.
​What are you doing the night before Halloween? We've got a major situation to report. A fabulous costume party? A big celebrity chef doing a book signing? Good guesses, but not quite. We have Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino signing bottles of Devotion vodka at The Jug Shop at 6 p.m. on Oct. 30.

If you're planning on buying vodka for your Halloween party anyway you might as well make a situation out of it: Cop a feel of the abs, be up close and personal with a Dancing With the Stars reject, and finally learn all the acronyms that the "cool kids" are saying. BTW, in the world of the Jersey Shore no one is DTF without GTL and vodka.

Or if you are one of the millions planning to be Snooki (guilty *pointing to myself* ) or The Situation for Halloween, well then you can just call it research. That's what we like to call devotion. And in case you were wondering about Devotion vodka, here's the situation: It was created in San Francisco and it is the first 80-proof , triple-distilled vodka infused with casein.

Alcohol with the protein of cheese: That is definitely something to fist-pump over!

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