The Top Ten Most Disgusting Halloween Candies Ever

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The surest and quickest way into the hearts of young children (as anyone who has been a young child or spends time with young children knows) is not through cajolling or pulling pennies out of ears -- it's through appealing to their love of candy and all things disgusting. Combine both elements and you've got a surefire way to the hearts of all the Trick-or-Treaters on your doorstep. It used to be that candy worms and peeled grapes were the most disturbing Halloween offerings, but candy makers have upped the ante in recent years, turning out truly gut-churning options. Here are the grossest, nastiest items the candy aisle has to offer.

10. Candy Scabs


What's grosser than a used bandage? Well, plenty, but when it comes to consumables, a gummy bandage adorned with a smattering of blood is way up there. (We're not sure where the scabs come in, but points for gross-out marketing.)

9. Candy Earwax

gummy ear wax.png

Here's hoping this doesn't actually taste like earwax. Not that we know what that tastes like.

8. Candy Boogers

gummy boogers.jpg

It seems contradictory to dole these out, considering all the time we spend teaching kids to politely blow their noses.

7. Hypodermic Needle

Sweet Shot Hypodermic Needle Candy.gif

Although the ad copy suggests that this would be a "fun gift" for a doctor or nurse, we can't help thinking about how unintuitive it is to stick something in your mouth that you actively avoid stepping on in the street.

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I think it's the poop shaped ones that do it for me.

Never could eat fudge.

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