The Halloween Candy Kids Crave Most? SFist Poll Seeks to Find Out

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​I admit it: I once lived through a bad Martha patch. For Halloween that year I decided that what trick-or-treaters wanted wasn't miniature Kit Kats or bags of M&M's, but tiny cups of warm cider and doughnuts I fried myself. I couldn't have been more wrong, of course. Turns out kids didn't give a shit about house-made doughnuts, and their parents didn't want them sipping the nice man's cider. They wanted factory-made candy. As much of it as they could grab.

How to make a kid smile before destroying his teeth with sugar? SFist's Brock Keeling is aiming to find out with a poll of Halloween candy preferences, broken down by type. Go. Vote. Then check the results before sacking up at Walgreens. And a word to my gay foodie brethren: While "baked goods" is an option, Martha's Shaker-inspired clabbered-milk cake doughnuts aren't. They're just not.

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