San Francisco's Best Latino Taco Trucks

Jonathan Kauffman
El Norteno tacos, clockwise from top left: goat, al pastor, chicken, tongue.
It was Eat Real that shamed us: So much food served up from trucks, so little of it, Jonathan Kauffman and I realized, from mobile vendors who toughed the sometimes mean streets of San Francisco long before truck food trended French, or Filipino, or TyFlo. In the weeks since, we've concentrated on grazing the city's traditional loncheras. Here, in descending order of deliciousness, are six of the city's most prominent.

1. El NorteƱo: Bryant at Harriet (between Sixth and Seventh Streets).
What to get: Goat and tongue tacos, $1.50 each.
Grade: A

John Birdsall
Carnitas tacos from El Gallo Giro.
​2. El Gallo Giro: Corner of Treat and 23rd Streets.
What to get: Carnitas tacos, $1.50 each.
Grade: A

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El Norteno Taco Truck

Bryant, San Francisco, CA

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