Loretta Keller, Leading Lady

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Gil Riego, Jr.
Loretta Keller
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There's the quick-to-heat, flash-in-the-pan hawt -- the kind that disappears after too many stints in rehab and plastic surgeons' offices -- and then there's hotness of the long, steady rolling boil variety. Specifically, Loretta Keller, the Helen Mirren of the kitchen.

The chef-owner of Coco500 and the Moss Room, Keller's been drawing out all sorts of appetites since her days at Stars and then Bizou. There's just something about a woman who can wield a sharp knife. (SFoodie thinks Russ Meyer would agree).

As always, feel free to shout out more nominations for kitchen hotness in the comments.

Gil Riego, Jr.

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The Moss Room

55 Music Concourse, San Francisco, CA

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