How to Piss Off Phillies Fans: With a Cheesesteak from Gorilla Barbeque

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Alex Hochman
Smoked brisket gives Gorilla's cheesesteaks rare flavor.
Tastykakes suck. Remind any Phillies fans of that fact and any Game Five elation could quickly turn to bitter rage. Want to really make them get all Phanatic on you? Head down to Pacifica's Gorilla Barbeque. For starters, the paint job reeks of Giants fandom (orange with black trim). Also, they always blast early-'80s classics from bands like Modern English and The Plimsouls. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince? Get that weak Philly garbage out of here.

But it's the way Gorilla brilliantly messes with the vaunted cheesesteak that might have Philadelphians sending the kind of death threats Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams got after he blew the '93 World Series (stay classy, Philadelphia). Gorilla replaces the drab mystery meat of your average cheesesteak with beautifully smoked brisket that takes the sandwich to a whole new level, adding welcome flavor to the familiar combination of gooey processed white cheese, grilled onions, and peppers ($8.25).

Alex Hochman
Gorilla's orange and black paint scheme seems calibrated to stoke Phillies fan rage.
​Trust us, Giants fans: It completely works. To the extent that you imagine the owners of Geno's and Pat's shaking in their boots, much like Ryan Howard must every time he even imagines Brian Wilson's beard. We look forward to Gorilla's smoked brisket pissing off Texans in a very different way next week when the Giants play the Rangers in the World Series.

Gorilla Barbeque:
2145 Pacific Coast Highway (at Reina Del Mar), Pacifica, 650-359-7427.

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