How Long Does it Take a Happy Meal to Decay?

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A screenshot of Sally Davies' Flickr page

Photographer Sally Davies has tackled a question that many of us probably try not to think about: just how long does it take a McDonalds Happy Meal to decay, anyway? 

The artist purchased a Happy Meal on April 10th, 2010 and left it on her coffee table. She's been snapping one shot a day of the burger and fries ever since. You can view select shots on her Flickr page. As the artist notes on her inaugural shot, "It's sitting on my coffee table with nothing covering. it. No bugs, no mould, no smell, nothing." Indeed, the most recent shot of the meal (which is not slathered in any condiments) snapped on October 7th, looks suspiciously like the first. The burger has shrunk a bit, and the fries have shriveled, but if one wasn't clued into the project, you'd be hard pressed to guess the fast food was approaching seven months old. 

It's been rough going lately for fast food, what with the gross-out photo of what a chicken nugget looks like in its pre-nugget form and San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar's campaign to ban Happy Meals toys.

All we can say is: In all things, moderation.

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