Dolores, Lamb Dumplings, and Fries On a Sandwich: This Week in Food Bloggery

Lou Bustamante
From Giordano's, with love.

Five highlights from the blog this week:

1. The Blue Bottle Dolores Park cart drama has ended with BB pulling out of the park and canceling its lease. John Birdsall's post-mortem post is a lovely elegy for a scene that could have been.

2. Catch up, foodista: Have you seen the adorable promo video for Chad Robertson's Tartine Bread book, which everyone is gaga over? Watch it ― and then go see the baker when he reads at Omnivore Books to ask him your advanced questions about that ominously bubbling sourdough starter in your kitchen.
3. Alex Hochman checked out Mission Chinese Food's new dumpling station and found one dumpling that calls sweetly to SFoodie: stuffed lamb, lamb sweetbreads, and peanuts. It'll be interesting to see where former Farina pasta maker Danny Bowien goes from there.

4. Continuing SFoodie's mission to alienate every significant food producer and diner in San Francisco, in this week's "Best Practices" column, Laura Beck takes on the unspoken rules of Slow Food SF. "When you're feeling more secure in your mastery of Slow Food," she writes, "find a poor family ... and teach them to eat correctly. If you don't educate these people about quinoa, who will? WHO?" P.S. Where do we apply for the secret Jamie Oliver website?

5. Dude. Fries on a sandwich. Dude. And Giordano's all-in-one is based on one from Pittsburgh, so you won't be showing any kind of allegiance to the Phillies if you go eat one.

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