Costco's Carne Asada Bake Is Nasty

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Alex Hochman
Like a doughy burrito hot from the oven, dribbling green liquid.
​In Run D.M.C.'s 1986 classic "Peter Piper," D.M.C. raps about Jam Master Jay: "He's a big bad wolf in your neighborhood. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good." Unfortunately, the same can't be said of Costco's new Carne Asada Bake ― it's bad meaning bad. Really bad.

Let us just say up front that we're not Costco food-court haters. The $1.50 hot dog is a dietary staple, sometimes (okay, always) followed by a churro. However, the Carne Asada Bake gets it all wrong with a burrito ingredient mix that should be all right: seasoned beef, pico de gallo, guacamole, and cheese, loaded into a hot pocket and baked in an oven that looks a little like a carwash. This brings us to the question, Who likes warm pico de gallo and guacamole? Anyone? Anyone? Our thoughts exactly.

Alex Hochman
For $3.79 you could buy a couple of Costco hot dogs and leave with change.
​The results are a face-scrunching mess of mealy salsa and pale green liquid that sprays with every bite, plus a taste that can only be described with a reference to salty dirt. A very un-Costco like price tag of $3.79, drink not included, could have fetched us a hot dog, refillable soda, churro, and Run D.M.C. download of our choice from iTunes.

Costco: 450 10th St. (at Harrison), 626-4388.

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