Can Whoopee Pies Knock Cupcakes Off Their Throne?

Jason and Steve/Our Food Choices™
Pumpkin whoopie pie with caramel frosting.
Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Talk of trends can be the invention of food writers desperate to fill a filing quota, wishful thinking, or canny prescience. Stancy Finz wrote a Chronicle Food feature back in June, and while publication coincided with the S.F. launch of SoCal's SusieCakes, and Finz rightly fingered Gobba Gobba Hey's Steven Gdula for helping popularize the whoopies he calls gobs, they felt like a trend not yet ready to be picked.

But now, whoopie pies seems to be coalescing into genuine critical mass here in San Francisco. Take Our Food Choices™ bloggers Jason and Steve, the trademark-wielding Cam and Mitchell of DIY food writing. In part, they suggested recently, interest in the whoopee is extreme cupcake fatigue, wrapped up in disappointment over the macaron's permanent limbo after a promising start locally. Jason and Steve began, as we all do sooner or later, by assailing the cupcake:

You can't throw a stick these days without hitting one of the thousands of purveyors of the little snack turned must have desert thanks in no small part to Sex in the City and its feature of Magnolia Bakery in New York. And every food blogger on earth has championed an endless array of variations on a theme. We love cupcakes, but we're ready to move on.
The on they present is the whoopee ― they include a recipe adapted from Martha.

What do you think, San Francisco: Can the whoopee nibble away at the seemingly immovable popularity of the cupcake?

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