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Alex Hochman
Beef brisket sandwich, $7.50.
Reading the words "barbecue" and "warehouse" in the name of Smokin' Warehouse Barbecue put life on hold until SFoodie could explore further. We sprinted to the week-old Bayview restaurant and were rewarded for our curiosity -- and impatience -- with a no-nonsense beef brisket sandwich ($7.50) that now ranks among our local favorites.

Six slices of fat-laced brisket, tender and ultra-smoky after spending 10 hours of quality time with a pile of cherry wood, were nestled in a sesame-seed-flecked hoagie roll that did its job and simply stayed out of the way. We were still burping smoke hours later, a sure sign of great barbecue.
Alex Hochman
The accompanying tomato-based sauce, sharp and vinegary, was worth a few dips or drizzles, but the meat, not the sauce, was the star. (Ask for the sauce on the side.) A helping of baked beans, one of a choice of sides included with the sandwich, was full of pulled-pork shreds and bacon shrapnel.

Smokin' Warehouse serves from a small window in a neighborhood dominated by loading docks and towing facilities. Seating is limited to two sidewalk benches, so be ready to eat in your car or office. Oh, and don't forget to have a few Altoids handy.

Smokin' Warehouse Barbecue 1465 Carroll Ave. (between Ingalls and Jennings), 648-8881.

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Smokin' Warehouse Barbeque

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