S.F.'s New Generation of Bar Stars: Brandon Josie

Lou Bustamante
Brandon Josie.
SFoodie's series focusing on San Francisco's up-and-coming talent behind the stick, the Muppet Babies of the shaker.

Who: Brandon Josie

Where to find him: 15 Romolo, 15 Romolo (at Broadway), 398-1359

Background: Starting off as a barback at 15 Romolo after working as a flight attendant for a few years, Josie worked his way up to bartender splitting his time between Romolo and the Alembic. "The first day on the job [at 15 Romolo] our drains broke, and I had to shop-vac the water every time I ran the dishwasher. I would run through the crowd carrying gallons of water and dump it onto the street every 10 minutes. Apparently this impressed the higher-ups enough to eventually give me a bartending shift. The rest is history."

Why he made the list: Josie's creativity and work ethic have propelled him quickly up through the ranks. Being behind the bar, says Josie, is about fostering relationships. "The kid that learned how to drink good whiskey at your bar is gonna keep coming back. You might tend bar for him for years, through his relationships and breakups and new jobs. You're a friend. The best part? You don't even have to remember someone's name ... just what they like to drink and whether or not they want ice in their water."

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15 Romolo

15 Romolo Place, San Francisco, CA

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