BlogHer Food Is So Gay

Matt Bites blogger Matt Armendariz.
​Have you noticed it? That extra something in the air? Has your food started tasting a little extra sparkletastic, like it's made with Unicorn Meatâ„¢? It's no coincidence. The foodie world is getting an extra shot of fabulous thanks to the BlogHer Food conference in town tomorrow and Saturday, Oct. 8-9.

You see, about 80 percent of food bloggers in the world are women, but of the balance, about 80 percent of male food bloggers are gay. So while the conference lures a predictable parade of cupcake devotees topped with a liberal sprinkling of SQUEEEEE, it's also bringing together an unprecedented collective of gay foodie minds. In fact, this may be the gayest food happening since James Beard, Craig Claiborne, and James Villas took brunch at the Continental Baths in 1975. Okay, I made that part up.

Of course, there's no shortage of gay food bloggers already here in San Francisco. Like me, for example.

Eat the Love's Irvin Lin.
​But there are other lovely and talented folks, like storyteller supreme Michael Procopio, baker extraordinaire Irvin Lin, and food ruler Andrew Wilder. Garrett McCord will swing down allll the way from Sacramento. (Yes, they have gay people in Sacramento, and not just closeted state senators.) From further afield, dynamic duo Matt Armendariz and his handsome husbear Adam Pearson are gracing our fair city with their presence. (They know Martha. SQUEEEEE!) We'll also have Atlanta photog Broderick Smylie and big-city publisher David Leite.

We'll be missing a few A-list foodgays, such as David Lebovitz and Adam Roberts, but it's their loss. I'm having Lady Gaga meat dresses made for those of us in attendance at the BlogHer Food closing party. Okay, I made that part up, too.

Sean Timberlake is the founder of Punk Domestics, a content and community site for DIY food enthusiasts.
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