Bento Art: Fantastically Geeky Lunches

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Bento boxes, for the uninitiated, are small lunches arranged in compact compartments. They originated in Japan, and a typical meal can be a simple serving of rice, vegetables, and chicken. But bento has developed a fanatical following, and lovers of the lunch medium have turned it into an art form. Not surprisingly, geeky themes have cropped up in more than one bento box. Here are eight fantastic examples.

1. Star Wars Bento

Wendy Copley

Wendy Copely writes a blog called Wendolonia where, among other things, she chronicles the making of lovely bento boxes for her son's school lunches. We love this Star Wars installment ― with a honey light saber!

2. Super Mario Bento


Sometimes you have to eat something with a face, especially if it's the face of a certain mustachioed plumber.

3. Batman Bento


If only you could shine a signal in the sky and have this bento box land in your lap.

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