Shut Up About Changing the Food System. Unless You're Actually Going to Do Something

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Premade sushi in the Whole Foods case in SOMA.
Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Honest Meat blogger Rebecca Thistlewaite showed up today on Grist to kick your ass ― the you who pays lip service to the idea of changing the food system, shops at a farmers' market once or twice a month, then spends the rest of the time thawing Trader Joe's chicken breasts for weeknight stir-fries. Thistlewaite:

You're no better or different than the average American. You pat yourself on the back, you brag about your lunch on Twitter, you pity your Midwestern relatives eating their chicken-fried steak and ambrosia salad, but you secretly loathe your grocery store bill ― which consumes only 8 percent of your income while your car devours 30 percent. Your bananas and coffee may be Fair Trade, but everything else is Far From It. The dozen eggs you splurge on once a month may be from local, outdoor-roaming birds, but all the other eggs you eat come from a giant egg conglomerate in either Petaluma, Calif., or Pennsylvania.
Taste the outrage, then print out Thistlewaite's 40 or so steps to prying yourself off the grid. Tape them to your fridge ― er, spring house. Alternatively, you could just shut up altogether about trying to change the food system.

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