Show Dogs' Indian-Style Fried Chicken

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John Birdsall
Show Dogs' fried chicken, served with house slaw and rosemary Yukon Gold potatoes ($12).
Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brian B./Yelp
​Just as they do at Foreign Cinema, Show Dogs' John Clark and Gayle Pirie take inspiration from a cookbook shelf of international influences. When it comes to fried chicken ― available for weeks now, along with steak frites, another entree that dreams beyond the wiener ― they've incorporated a taste of India.

Yesterday evening, two fat, boneless breasts had been dusted with an aniline-yellow spice mix that pulsed with the taste of turmeric and toasted black mustard seeds, underneath a coating that'd bubbled and crisped like Total cereal flakes. It came with rosemary-scented roasted potato wedges crisped in the fryer, and slaw as sweet as chow-chow, redeemed by the heat leaching from a scattering of jalapeno slices.

The chicken's whiff of curry seems perfectly apt here, a place that teeters on the edge of Market-Street skeevy (the heavily pierced kid in the 'fro-hawk, the menacingly cruisy guy with keys lashed to his belt). All it needs? The house sangria, served up in a pint glass over a deep drift of crushed ice.

Show Dogs: 1020 Market (at Golden Gate), 558-9560.

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