Rejewvenator Beer Adds Fruity Poignancy to Rosh Hashanah

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Infused with Concord grape juice, Rejewvenator bears a whiff of Manischewitz ― not unlike Uncle Marvin.
​We fondly remember the High Holiday dinners of our youth. We'd wait for Uncle Marvin, his silk shirt opened three buttons, revealing a large, diamond-studded chai, to pass out after his 10th glass of Manischewitz. Then, when none of the other relatives were looking, we'd pry the bottle from his meaty fingers and sprint to the family room where, like Tevye getting crunk with Lazar Wolf, we passed the bottle, taking exaggerated swigs accentuated by loud yells of "L'chaim!". For a 15-year-old Jewish kid, this was rebellion.

This in mind, we were thrilled to learn about Rejewvenator, the special-edition brew from Schmaltz Brewing Company, maker of He'Brew. Rejewvenator is a half Dopplebock, half Belgian-style ale infused with ― wait for it ― Concord grape juice. While not for year-round consumption, Rejewvenator is a worthy companion to a hearty, onion-laden beef brisket. The initial sips taste of beer, but by the end of the first glass, we swore we were drinking carbonated Manischewitz. It has the added benefit of being 8.2 percent alcohol by volume, the better to help you deal with your relatives who you're "celebrating" with.

Rejewvenator will be our go-to host gift over the next 10 days. We can't wait to chug some with Uncle Marvin, and to compare our diamond-studded chais.

Rejewvenator Ale:
$5.39/22-ounce bottle, available at BevMo stores.

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