More Food Trucks, More Korean-Mexican Fusion, and Other SFoodie Highlights From This Week

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Best. Name. Ever.

Highlights from the blog this week:

1. The biggest SFoodie news of the week: SF Cart Project's Matt Cohen finally got Rec and Parks, the various permitting agencies, and the trucks together to launch two more "Off the Grid" street-food gatherings in the Upper Haight and Civic Center. It's always been our conviction that carts and trucks are more enjoyable when they travel in packs.

2. Speaking of street food, Tamara Palmer picks her 10 favorite truck names in the United States. (Even though it's not a food cart, I still can't read the Slow Jams label without thinking of Luther.)

John Birdsall
3. The newest example of the new-new-American cuisine, Korean-Mexican fusion: HRD Coffee Shop's kimchi burrito, which SFoodie editor John Birdsall enjoyed far more than he expected he would.

4. Rainbow Grocery decides to discontinue its 20 percent off coupons, a decision that disappoints some its owner-workers as well as the thousands of shoppers who brave 45-minute checkout lines on coupon day. Twenty dollars off a hundred-dollar grocery bill is quite an incentive to shop there, but if you get a Bicycle Coalition membership and just bike to the co-op, you can get 10 percent off your bill any time. (Automatic admission to heaven, too.)

5. Bite o' the week? The chivo (goat) taco from El Norteno. Six blocks from the SF Weekly offices, and I'd never spotted this truck. I can't think of a taco I've eaten in quite some time that made involuntary noises emerge from my mouth. Next up: the goat torta.

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