Lil Wayne, Paula Deen, and Iced Coffee: This Week in Food Bloggery

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John Birdsall
Because we just like looking at photos of ramen (this bowl's from Hapa Ramen).

This week's highlights from the blogs:

1. Have you read the essay SFoodie editor John Birdsall wrote this week about how street food has exploded in San Francisco, and why? Because you should.

2. The biggest news in street-food realms this week: Kasa Indian Eatery is painting a catering truck purple and planning to launch a kati-roll truck this fall ― San Francisco police and health inspectors willing, of course. They'll compete bumper to bumper against Curry Up Now. And Eddie Huang, owner of New York's BaoHaus, obtains a trademark for his "Chairman Bao." He tells the Bay Area truck by the same name to suck it and tells the press ... well, you'll just have to watch the video.

3. Yes, I'd rather eat the pulled-pork sandwich from Pal's Takeaway than this week's guest special, a Dynamo doughnut stuffed with ham and cheese. But as stunt dishes go, it sounds more edible than most. And I've replayed the video embedded in this post three times just to watch Paula Deen say, "Oh. Yes. I. Do."

4. Two eats reviews worth following up on: New SFoodie contributor Elgy Gillespie finds a former St. Anthony's cook making a stellar Reuben at Morty's Deli. And Luis Chong goes underground to eat Siok Ming Tjong's beef rendang at Lime Tree Southeast Asian Kitchen in the Inner Sunset.

5. Just in case the heat ever returns, John Birdsall recommends spiced, iced coffee as an antidote to the heat, while I used Wednesday's 84-degree high as an excuse to down a couple cups of che.

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