Gourmet Carousel's Deluxe Won Ton Soup

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Alex Hochman
Chicken, shrimp, beef, roast pork, and wontons in beef broth: $5.50 at lunch, $6.75 at dinner.
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired of brisket and kugel last weekend, we ate a simple Sunday dinner that paid equal homage to our Jewish ancestors: Chinese food.

Longtime favorite Gourmet Carousel was the perfect spot for our mid-High Holidays hiatus. The deluxe won ton soup is the thing to get (it's been bringing us back for years). As much a feast as any meal we ate last week, the soup was flat-out loaded with chicken, shrimp, beef, and beautiful pink slices of roast pork. Its beef broth was generously dotted with bubbles of fat, yielding a rich, earthy flavor, eerily similar to our grandma's chicken soup. The cooks also manage to cram a dozen pork-packed won tons into the bowl, lifting the mound of ingredients a few inches above the level of the broth. We know what you're thinking: All this pork during the High Holidays? Ah, the joys of Reform Judaism.

If you feel you have to order a second course, the beef with black bean sauce chow fun can be good, though it's sometimes gummy. And the d├ęcor here is standard Chinese dive circa 1975; it's doubtful the carpet has been steam-cleaned since then. But with the deluxe won ton soup costing a mere $6.75 ($5.50 at lunch), we'll forgive the owners during Kol Nidre this Friday.

Gourmet Carousel: 1559 Franklin (at Pine), 771-2044.

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Gourmet Carousel

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