Five Local Food T-Shirts We'd Love To See

​Some time ago, we offered up a list of our favorite local food T-shirts. Now, we're taking it one step further with our top five food tees we'd love to see:

1. Humphry Slocombe tees that say "Body by Jake" would be awesome, since HS owner Jake Godby has had a serious hand in the expansion of our waistlines.

2. It long ago jumped the shark, but if The Girl + The Fig revived a famous quote from New York chef David Chang on a T-shirt, it could be hot again: "Fuckin' every restaurant in San Francisco is just serving figs on a plate."

3. Apple wizard Steve Jobs couldn't get a table at Flour + Water recently; we'd like to see the restaurant make shirts emblazoned with "WWJD (What Would Jobs Do)?" on the front and "Make a reservation!" on the back.

4. "Can't ban the sandwich, man!" shirts from the embattled, now-it's-evicted, now-it's-not Ike's Place would be a great way to show support for the cause.

5. It already exists in small button form, but baker Gobba Gobba Hey's slogan, "It's not a whoopie pie, motherfucker, it's a gob" deserves to be visible from at least 50 feet.

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