New York Restaurant Owner Trademarks 'Chairman Bao,' Tells S.F. Truck to Change Its Name

Uh-oh. First the Chairman Bao truck loses its starting chef/operator Eric Rud. Now the New York restaurant owner accusing the S.F. food truck of stealing the name has succeeded in obtaining a trademark for it.

Eddie Haung, owner of BaoHaus, whose braised pork-belly bao ― the Chairman Bao ― long preceded the San Francisco food truck, tweeted today that he'd obtained the trademark ("tm") from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("uspto"). Huang:

Yo @chairmanbaotruck say goodnight. I got tm from uspto today. U should rename ur shit Mr. Me Too Truck... #sharkbiters
Responding to SFoodie's e-mail query for confirmation, Huang sent a link to the trademark on file and a rap lyric from the Birdman/Lil Wayne song "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" (see above):

Bitch I'm Paid, Thats All I Gotta Say Can't see you Lil Ni**@, The Money In The Way And I'm Sitting High, A Gansta Ride Blades If You Ain't Gone Ride Fly Than You Might As Well Hate
Huang told us it was his "official statement."

Asked if he intended on pursuing legal action to get the Chairman Bao truck ― which is owned by the company Mobi Munch ― to stop using the name, Huang said he didn't yet know. In May, as the Chairman Bao truck was launching, Huang called for a so-called bao-cott to protest the alleged name theft. And the San Francisco bao throwdown, or baodown, Huang announced back in June? Huang told SFoodie as far as he's concerned, it's still on. He's just working out the logistics.

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