Popsicle Maker Cranky Boots: New Sunday Addition to 331 Cortland Marketplace

Cranky Boots/Facebook
The farm-to-freezer popsicle makers will sell Sundays at 331 Cortland Marketplace.
Spice Hound isn't the only planned addition to 331 Cortland. Starting this weekend, says marketplace owner Debra Resnik, fancy popsicle vendor Cranky Boots will be a weekly Sunday addition to the Bernal Heights food mini-mall. Who's Cranky Boots you ask?

Cranky Boots' banana and burnt caramel with sea salt popsicle. Aland Welford is in the background.
​Couple-in-real-life Amanda Yee and Aland Welford have sold their popsicles at just a handful of East Bay events so far (an Oakland Art Murmur, the Berkeley Kite Festival, and Eat Real).

Welford is a horticulturalist with a day job, Yee a fresh-from-CCA entrepreneur with a self-professed yearning to build community. She's aiming to do it with what you might call farm-to-freezer popsicles, made with fruit gleaned at the farmers' market or Berkeley Bowl. Planned pops for Sunday: banana with burnt caramel and sea salt, Black Mission fig with cream and balsamic gastrique, strawberry-basil, and peach lemonade (the last two are vegan). Two sizes, small ($3) and large ($4).

Yee and Welford plan to sell inside 331 Cortland, from a custom paleta cart. They need to pass final inspection, but Yee's confident that'll happen (check @crankybootspops on Twitter for updates). And the name Cranky Boots? Yee says it's what she calls Welford when she gets on his nerves. He returns the favor, apparently.

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