The Sycamore: Basement Throwback with Killer Beef Sandwich

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Alex Hochman
No second-guessing yourself ― get the Sycamore's roast beef sandwich.
​Dropping into the Sycamore for a late lunch recently, we felt like we were fifteen again, sneaking behind mom's back to hang out in our impish, stoner cousin's mysterious basement. The jukebox was blaring The Mooney Suzuki's "Oh Sweet Susanna"; tousled, aimless characters populated the sparsely furnished barroom. Only difference is, our cousin served up lukewarm Stroh's and a torn bag of Fritos. The Sycamore treated us a whole lot classier.

Choosing what to drink is difficult. Owners Elizabeth and Tim Ryan (siblings not spouses) rotate a stellar beer selection through their eight taps. Recent favorites include a Dogfish 90 Minute IPA ($6), hoppy and bitter, and a Coney Island Albino Python ($5) that tasted something like grapefruit, perfect in the recent sweltering heat.

Choosing what to eat is easy: Get the roast beef sandwich ($8).

Alex Hochman
The Sycamore's vibe skews basementy.
​The Ryans hail from Boston, where roast beef sandwich preferences speak volumes about one's character, the way burrito preference does here. Their version screams simplicity, thin slices of rare beef stacked onto soft, round sesame buns from the Chestnut Bakery. Add vinegary secret sauce or mayo if you like ― that's it. A request for lettuce or tomato brings a death stare (either would mess with the sandwich's pure, beefy goodness). Besides ― believe us ― you don't want to risk pissing off your sketchy cousin.

The Sycamore: 2140 Mission (at Sycamore), 252-7704; open daily, 11:30 a.m.-midnight.

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The Sycamore

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