The Doughnut Sandwich Comes to San Francisco, via Pal's/Dynamo Mashup

Like absolutely anything used as a base for bacon, the doughnut burger ― two Krispy Kremes bracketing a greasy meat puck ― is a potent American meme. Mistress of the meme: Paula Deen, who in 2008 managed to combine bacon and the doughnut burger in an immortal moment of television excess. Tomorrow, San Francisco gets its own version of the doughnut sandwich, as Pal's Takeaway continues its Wednesday guest-chef series with Dynamo Donut's Sara Spearin.

John Birdsall
Dynamo's cornmeal cherry-rosemary doughnut: Subtract the glaze and you've got a worthy sandwich roll.
​Spearin's creation is the cherry cornmeal doughnut we hyped on our SFoodie's 92 list of favorite local eats, only unglazed, thankfully, split and filled with artisanal ham, Cotswold cheese, and jicama slaw (the touch of rosemary in Spearin's cornmeal doughnut should prove spectacular, by the way). Because they're doughnuts and not Kaisers, you'll be able to get two for $9, or a single for $5. Mugging like Paula with a mouthful of doughnut burger in the Food Network clip above? Totally up to you.

Pal's Takeaway: Inside Tony's Market, 2751 24th St. (at Hampshire), 203-4911.

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