TMZ Sniffs Around Steve Jobs Flour + Water Story; Arinell Myth Smells Fishy

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TMZ to Flour + Water: Permanent table for Jobs?.
​You know things are getting classy when TMZ starts calling. Following reports of last Saturday's Steve Jobs Flour + Water fail, the site that has LiLo and Oksana on permanent watch suddenly wants to know just how F+W owners David White and David Steele are going to get Jobs back.

The restaurant's publicist tells SFoodie that TMZ called earlier today, asking if they were keeping a table permanently. "No," publicist Liam Passmore recounts via e-mail about his TMZ. "It's a small restaurant, insanely popular and very much of the neighborhood. Sure, we'd love for [Jobs] to get a chance to eat there. He was a stand up guy about it with no throwing of weight around, but like everyone else he's gonna need either a reservation, walk in and get lucky or wait for a bit with a nice glass of vino." Don't expect to see that quote in TMZ's vertical scroll, just above exclusive pics of Dennis Rodman's crash-termath.

Meanwhile, some record-straightening about the whole blown Jobs affair. On Wednesday, the day after SFoodie's photobomb exploded, Mission Mission deferred to "sources" who claimed that, after leaving Flour + Water, Jobs and his entourage proceeded to Arinell at Valencia and 16th.

Amy L./Yelp
The hot slice at Arinell: Next best thing to Flour + Water?
​Today, Arinell owner Ron Demirdjian told us, um, no. Although, to be honest, Demirdjian wasn't there Saturday night, so there is a possibility that one of the most recognizable guys on the planet, dressed in his iconic uni, slipped in and out for a hot slice with nobody capturing it via iPhone.

Demirdjian told us to call back tomorrow, when "Coach," who was working last Saturday, would be able to tell us definitively. We'll try to remember to make the call.

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