Street-Food Vendor MaliNumNum Schools TV's Andrew Zimmern

MaliNumNum Treats
MaliNumNum's Tara de Guzman (in purple), showing TV host Andrew Zimmern how to make a sisig roll in Precita Park last Sunday.
​"Growing up Filipino, I've eaten so many parts of animals," says Tara de Guzman. The MaliNumNum Treats vendor showed up at Precita Park last Sunday for the bash honoring one year on the street for Adobo Hobo, Gumbo Man, and the Chai Cart, though, the day's real star was a guest: Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods. And while Zimmern's TV shtick is eating weird crap, de Guzman talks as if she'd met a peer. Sort of.

In honor of the event last week, de Guzman, who's known for her ensaymadas, bacon pecan tarts, cookies, and a Chinese-Filipino mashup she calls the sio-bao, offered something new: sisig cones. Temaki were the inspiration: a nori cone filled sushi rice, vinegar slaw, and a sisig recipe she calls classic (pork ears, shoulder, and cheeks). And while Zimmern said he'd eaten sisig he'd never before assembled a temaki version ― go figure. "I showed him how to roll it," de Guzman says. "He didn't do a very good job."

Jun Belen/Jun-Blog
MaliNumNum Treats' sio-bao (left) and ensaymada.
​Meanwhile, de Guzman says she's working toward a MaliNumNum appearance at future Off the Grid events. And though, in gigs as a spokesmodel, de Guzman often has to travel out of town for work, most Saturday nights she cooks at La Victoria. (Follow MaliNumNum Treats on Twitter for de Guzman's latest.) Oh, and about that name, MaliNumNum: de Guzman says she riffed off nom-nom (blogger-ese for "tasty") blended with a Tagalog word that pretty much means "very tasty." Tasty indeed.

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