When Pink Ice Cream Isn't Gay Enough: Tranny Smackdown at Humphry Slocombe

Jonathan Kauffman
One. Tranny. Mess.
Last night, the corner of 24th Street and Harrison transformed into 110 percent queer space: A rainbow arch of balloons. A DJ spinning crackety-queen house. A Beach Blanket Babylon star in a giant pink dress. A waifish sailor in dress whites. Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos. Dolled-up drag queens ― when two or three of you gather in our name, Suppositori Spelling always appears. 

All this was Humphry Slocombe's way to honor Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's Douglas Quint, in town from New York for the day to participate in the SF Street Food Festival conference. Quint was in full relax mode, drinking beers and chatting with the crowd; one woman showed up in one of his T-shirts, earning herself an extra-big hug.

Jonathan Kauffman
In addition to the normal Sunday-night Slocombe line, most of us were lined up for a taste of the Tranny Smackdown sundae ($5), which turned out to be a post-Pride hangover in a bowl: shortcake, pink strawberry ice cream, fluff, smeared mascara (dark chocolate), smeared lipsticks (Amarena cherries), and rainbow-colored Trix, whose flavor we found surprisingly potent. 

How can you not love strawberry ice cream? We finished the bowl, and then took on the coconut-pluot-cardamom ice pop, which we enjoyed even more. 

But is this the gayest ice cream can get? 

Or is this (slightly NSFW)?

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Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

2790 Harrison, San Francisco, CA

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