Even Steve Jobs Can't Get a Table at Flour + Water

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​We all know how hard it can be to land a table at Flour + Water if you don't have a rezzie, especially on a Saturday night. Now even Steve Jobs knows it.

Having more money than God didn't help Jobs last Saturday night, when he and a companion tried to get a table. Flour + Water publicist Liam Passmore says Jobs lined up with other table hopefuls before the restaurant opened Saturday. Turns out the people immediately in front of Jobs got the last seats. So what did the man in black do? He left. (See our photo evidence of Jobs' departure ― sorry Photoshop conspiracy theorists: it's real.)

Passmore says Flour + Water has a message for Mr. Jobs: Come back! He said that this time, the restaurant will seriously hook him up with a table, a way of making good on a night that turned as janky for Jobs as the reception on an iPhone 4.

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Flour + Water

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