This Year's Texas State Fair Big Tex Contender: Deep-Fried Beer

Dallas Morning News
Beer-filled pretzel? More like Guinness-stuffed ravioli.
​Edible trends shake up San Francisco like a 7.0 on the Richter scale (pork belly, roasted marrow, and of course, figs on a plate). But offer a Texan a Little Gem salad and he won't give a frying fig. That's because in the Lone Star State one culinary technique reigns supreme: frying the shit out of anything and everything.

At the State Fair of Texas in Dallas ― which starts Sept. 24 ― there's a proud heritage of deep-frying the most unlikely crap: fried Coke begat fried lattes, which begat fried butter. (If Jaime Escalante was right that a negative times a negative equals a positive, fried butter must be the healthiest foodstuff in the world.) As reported by the Dallas Morning News yesterday, vying to take the deep-fried crown at State Fair's Big Tex Choice Awards this year is Mark Zable's fried beer ― he's even trademarked it.

Zable's deep-fried beer is going up against contenders like the deep-fried frozen margarita. While Zable describes his creation as beer-filled pretzels, it appears to be more like Guinness-filled ravioli. It will only be sold to fair-goers 21 and over, but the product is first frozen, then fried, so there's no chance of any alcohol remaining in the Big Tex hopeful.

But it does beg the question, What goes best with fried beer? Probably a pint of wings.

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