Curry Village Has an Awesome $10 Lunch Buffet

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Tamara Palmer
​Friends have been telling us to check out the $10 all-you-can-eat buffet since January, when Curry Village opened in the Sunset. We're sorry we didn't heed their insistence sooner.

The entrees change all the time, but expect a consistent balance of meat and vegetarian offerings. Saturday's lunch included lamb, chicken, spinach, and mixed vegetable dishes, and something we'd never tried before, a creamy korma made just with fruits like mango and banana. Garlic naan arrives at the table glistening. It's replenished when needed, though this can take at least a few minutes. Hot, milky chai also comes to the table, and there's usually a fruit beverage on the buffet (we had watermelon lassi).

There are plenty of mediocre Indian buffets in the Sunset and Richmond. Don't let the memory of those make you overlook the noticeably healthier, more vibrant cooking at Curry Village.

Curry Village: 1386 9th Ave. (at Judah), 731-2388.

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Curry Village

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